What it Does

$59.00 Straight

What it Looks Like

$69.00 Bent

How it's Made

In  the  USA of Course

Add $20.00 ea for

White Powder Coated

More Colors Coming

US Patents  9,340,260 B2   and   8,397,350 B2

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Hang and adjust your fenders in seconds  ---  anywhere there's a rod holder

Doesn't interfere with your dock lines

Easier and faster than cleats!

How to use your FenderSpike

The fender line goes through the line tube.  Tie a knot in the free end of the line so that if you drop it overboard, it will stay attached to the fender. Pull the free end of the line through the line tube until the fender is at the proper height and make a loop on the inboard side of the FenderSpike and drop it over the top of the FenderSpike.  Pull to adjust!

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